I imagine you’ve all heard enough about my behaviour and attitude. The stories are endless. So now I’d like to talk about what I’m grateful for. Doing a daily gratitude list is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. So here is my first one.

I’m grateful for my mother. For loving me and making sure I’m not on the streets. She’s 71 in two days!

I’m grateful for my brother, who came in last night late and hugged me when I was on the sofa.

I’m grateful for my sister. Although we aren’t talking I think of her and her little family daily. I miss her. I understand.

I’m grateful for my Aunt. Who has never given up on me. Even after I disappeared for 20 years.

I’m grateful for my cousin. Who I spoke recently to for the first time in a few years. She has enough on her plate but still found time to speak to me.

I’m grateful for my friend. I won’t say his name on here but he knows who he is. I’ve let him down more than most but he still cares. Love you man.

I’m grateful for Bingo. This little dog never leaves my side. He stays with me all night and is currently curled up at my feet

I’m grateful I’m still alive. That I have relatively good health. I could be in much worse shape.

I’m grateful for all of the people in recovery. For all of the fellowships. I’m going to be at a meeting later and that’s the stuff that will keep me clean

I’m grateful to be waking up sober/clean.

I’m grateful for all of the chef’s who have helped me along my journey. I’m going to speak to work today to sort out a plan that fits around recovery.

I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to share all these moments.

I’m grateful for all of your posts and blogs. It gives me hope.

I’m grateful for all feedback. Other people’s perspective is so powerful.

I’m grateful.

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