The mind of an addict is a tricky one. It tricks you into thinking you’re doing alright. It tricks you I to thinking you’re not as bad as other addicts. I let mine trick me. I let mine tell me I didn’t need fellowship. Slipping further and further away from the ones I love and back into the open, waiting arms of substance.

I now stand on the edge of losing everything. Of losing the woman I love and our unborn child. This cannot happen. I won’t let it. I’m going back into treatment. Treatment that I never finished before. Because I ran away from it. I won’t run. I will go deeper than before and allow myself to be healed. The pain is in the resistance and I shall not resist.

3 thoughts on “Slipped

  1. Do you need to talk? Would it help or hurt. What you are dealing with is grotesque and you should be hard on yourself, don’t lose it. If you lost it get back on your feet. Email me if you need to spill chanzy @ protonmail. I saw your other writing and I meant to ask how you were. Don’t give up.

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